Testimonies of People Who Have Traveled With Us in the Past



     Journeys can begin at any given time. Someone may think they are taking a simple trip to help some people that are less fortunate then themselves and return home a few weeks later. Or someone else may take the same kind of journey and return home; realizing that their life as they know it is no longer the same, but changed forever. The lucky ones fall into the latter category and that is just what happened to me when I took my first international trip.

     I went to Malawi, Africa during the summer of 2013. I used the trip to complete my Bachelor degree as well as change my life forever. I expected I would come back slightly changed by the things that I had experienced. How can I take a trip like this and not be different when I return home? However I never expected the changes to be as transforming or as long lasting as they have been.

     I went literally half way around the world to find the faith I had walked away from a long time ago. Not only did I find it, but I have a deeper relationship than I ever expected possible. I witnessed a battle between the Holy Spirit and Satan over a young woman’s soul, felt “The Warm Heart of Africa”, met numerous villagers, was lulled to sleep by the waves of Lake Malawi, experienced “southern hospitality” in the Southern Hemisphere, and left a piece of my heart in an amazing country forever! ~Wanda Bishop



     I have taken four trips to Malawi in the past 4 years. Needless to say, I am hooked! To travel half way around the world to visit with people who don't speak my language, and live in conditions very different from my own, is a challenge. But it is the hardest thing I've ever loved doing. To say that my trips to Malawi have been life changing would be a grave understatement. I cannot envision my future without my Malawian friends being a part of it. I believe there is a mission field right outside my front door. However, I also believe Jesus calls some people to go beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone. I only wish I had answered this call a long time ago. ~Anne Ouellette

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