Mbwatalika Mission Outreach



During their trip in 2014, while Jimmy and Gale Strickland were visiting the Mbwatalika Mission Outreach school, they became acutely aware of how much the buildings had deteriorated over the years. Because of lack of funds from tuition fees, it was apparent things were getting worse instead of better. Enrollment was continually going down, and it was feared the school might not survive. It was then they felt the Lord place this mission outreach on their hearts. They decided to focus future CGR resources and efforts on this mission outreach. Because this mission outreach is located in the capital city of Lilongwe, it is highly visible. The goal is to bring the school back to its original glory in order to attract children from neighboring villages to attend our school.


All of the buildings needed renovation, and some were in various stages of construction because of lack of funds. In Phase 1 of the development plans, CGR committed the necessary funds to renovate the boys' and girls' hostels and secondary classroom building. Also in this phase, money was committed to finish construction of the multi-purpose building.


Phase 2 of the project, involves plans to finish the girl's hostel that is partially built and construct a new boys' hostel. It is the goal of Creative Global Relief to bring back the pride this mission outreach once had. Just in the one year since their efforts began, the enrollment of the secondary school has tripled from approximately 60 students to over 170 students. To accommodate for this rapid growth, more beds, mattresses, desks and chairs have been purchased. 


We thank God for the opportunity to make this mission outreach a place where the Seventh-day Adventist Church can be proud of and bring glory to God.

Newly completed beautiful multipurpose building.

From Top Photo to Bottom: The principal of the Mbwatalika school with the new beds in the girls' and boys' hostels. School Principal and Head Mistress with Gale in the school library. Secondary classroom with new desks and chairs. Jimmy and Gale Strickland standing at the entrance of the Mbwatalika SDA Mission in 2014.

Changing lives here on earth and preparing souls for eternity.