How We Got Started

Several years ago, Jimmy Strickland traveled to the beautiful country of Malawi, Africa. It was his adventurous spirit and sense of curiosity that caused him to accept an invitation from a minister to accompany him on a trip to revisit the village of his childhood where the minister’s parents served as missionaries many years before.


Jimmy was amazed at the level of poverty he saw there. The generosity and warmth of the people were overwhelming and Jimmy determined to do whatever he could to help these wonderful people.


Upon returning home, Jimmy sought ways to assist the people in Malawi. He discovered foot-powered water pumps as a way to promote economic improvement. He formed a nonprofit (501c3) organization named Creative Global Relief (CRG).

"I thought it was just 

going to be another adventure,

 but God had a different idea."

CGR continues to search for ways to “teach them to help themselves.” We recognize that the key to success lies in education and good nutrition. Assistance to subsistent rural farmers, by supplying foot-powered irrigation pumps, is at the core of the CGR efforts.


Your support can make a difference in the lives of these people by providing encouragement and hope for a brighter future.

Changing lives here on earth and preparing souls for eternity.